Domain hosting and setup

This is for clients on Fiverr gig to host websites. If you are in need of a new website, here is the gig:

If you need a domain name, click the following link to order one. I will check if it is available, and register it on your behave. Note: if you want, you can select the “Extra” gig I have on Fiverr to buy the domain there, or you can order them below, separately, or if you want to add additional domains to your order. If the domains you selected is not available, I will let you know, and we can find you one that works for you.

Number of domains:
List the name(s) you need:

After 6 month, I can continue to host your site for 12 dollars a year. After I set the site up, I ask that you sign up for the following subscription, it will not bill you for 6 month, but after that, it will bill you for a year’s service.


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