Help to get my kids back

Hey my name is Joseph Slabaugh, and I need help to get my 4 children back. My wife left me and took the kids, and I am afraid I will never see them again.

I have talked to a few lawyers, and they want $1,000’s of dollars to represent me, so  am setting up a donations page here to help get them back. The one I want, and have worked with in the past said it will probably cost in the $6,000+ range. I need this as a “retainer” to give to this lawyer. The minimum I will need is in the $4,000 range to get started.

I am just broken and depressed, wanting to see my children, and have no way to see them, even though 2 of them are 2 blocks from the house I am staying at. The 2 youngest are around 100 miles away.

If you can help, click the donate button, and donate what you can, if you can’t donate, but want to help, please share the link on Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to contact me for questions, email joe at



Joe and son Desperado

slabaugh kids

All 4 of the Slabaugh children.

Cheyenne (Left)

Laura (Little girl next to Cheyenne)

Desperado (In bunny outfit)

Shannon (Right)

Shannon and Cheyenne are twins, and are 11, Laura is 8, and Desperado will be 6 in June. I have missed out on his life since he was 3 years old, and Laura since she was 5, and the twins I have had in my home till January 2013.



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