How to make paypal buttons

A client on Fiverr asked me to put PayPal buttons on their new website, and since I do not feel comfortable to ask for login information for their account, not to mention that Fiverr does not allow me to use email addresses on the message system, instead I offered to make a tutorial on how they can do it them self.

First you log into your PayPal business account, and click Merchant Services tab, then there will be a button that says “Create payment buttons for your website

create a button

The next window choose the Donate option:


donate option

The next screen is going to ask a few more questions like your org name,  and where to send the user after they are done paying. If however you want the user to contribute a fixed amount, you can choose another link above, like Buy Now, or Automatic Billing, for monthly donations. This can be useful for a website that you want people to donate more than once. I have one site that I had a 5 dollar monthly donations set up, and still get donations, although the site has not been as active lately as in years past.

donate option2


Once you have the code for your buttons, you can place them in your website, in wordpress, I would put it on a Text Widget.


Once you get to your Widgets menu, drag the Text Widget to the Menu you want the donate button on


You can then click the Save button, and your Donate Widget will be life on the website.



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