Lost Love by Shannon Slabaugh

The following is from a school project for my daughter Shannon. I had her type it out so she would get better at typing.


One day Sarah went to the beach because it was the first time she had gotten out of her new husband’s house after there wedding. A week ago she had gotten married to Jared who was a great fisherman. Sarah was planning on staying for three hours. Jared needed to talk to her,but he tried her home and there was no answer so he tried her cell, but Sarah had left it in her car. When she decided to go home Sarah checked her messages. There was one from her friend, Nellie, another from her brother,Jason, as well as the on from Jared. It said that he was leaving in half an hour. Sarah rushed to the docks and saw one of his employees, Mack. She asked him were he was and when he’d be back. Mack told her that Jared had left two and a half hours ago and that he would be back in 8 days. Five days later she had just gotten out of the doctor’s office because she felt sick but wasn’t and she saw her husband’s boat crash into a bunch of giant rocks with no survivors and she blamed herself forever and never told her little daughter, Susan, the truth about her father.


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