The Legend Of Rainbowface

We had the honor of hosting Emily from The Legend of Rainbowface at the house last night. She is a young lady that is biking across the country, and staying at people’s houses along the way. We showed her the Clinch Mountain Overlook, and the spring water along 25E on the other side of the mountain this morning. here are a few pictures I snapped this morning before she left.

Last night I showed her the book by author and activist Adam Kokesh, called FREEDOM!, that he wrote while he was in prison. She said it was interesting.

You can also listen to the book here:


Below she is getting ready to head off to the top of Clinch Mountain. We then followed her up there an hour later. It was 55 minutes from our house to bike to the top of the Clinch Mountain, and stop at the Overlook.


And below is the overlook.


My dog had to go along, she ran outside when we were ready to go. So instead of leaving her home, we took her to say her last goodbye to her new friend.


0609151059aHere are just a few random shots. After this, we then went on over to the other side, where the water hole is, but I did not take any pictures there. I was too busy with getting water.0609151059b 0609151100




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